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We participated in 2 medical missions in Ecuador, high in the Andes caring for the Quichua indigenous population.

The first project was medical, because we had no anesthesiologist.  The second project was primarily surgical.

The Quichua ladies are always busy spinning and weaving alpaca wool. 


The kids share their food, so they all have the same URIs. 


Susanna is teaching dental hygiene to the kids.

We established our clinics in schools and churches.  The Red Cross brought children to see us by the truckload.  Brigid enjoyed the children during our breaks. 


Even 5 year old girls carried their younger siblings on their backs.

The local healer is showing the natives how local plants can be used for medicine.  Most of her advice appears to be scientifically valid.  We learned much from her.

The Quichua thanked us for our service at the end of the project.

Ambato, Ecuador

Ambato is a larger city with a hospital.  In Ambato, we were able to perform surgery.  Ambato had excellent surgeons, but there were no urologists.

Brigid enjoyed playing with the children and calming them after I examined them for surgery.

The Ecuadoran surgeons assisted me with procedures. 


Davey, on the lower left is a pre-med student.  He was great help with our patients.

We made good friends with the local surgeons and anesthesiologist.

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