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San Juan, Bolivia 2008

San Juan, Bolivia was a Jesuit colony that was influenced by Japanese migrants following WWII.  The Japanese built a small surgical hospital, and there was a small health clinic.

Town roads were dirt with open ditches.  Many small open shops lined the main street.  Lori is a resident from California that joined our team.

We performed a variety of open surgical cases within the limits ot their technology.  Above, I am assisted by my brother, an orthopedic surgeon.  I also assisted him with the orthopedic surgeries.  To the left, I am seen with a local physician.

Portochuelo, Bolivia

Portochuela is a town located about 2 hours drive from Santa Cruz.  The town has a small government hospital, but there are few physicians or resources in the area.  We participated in 2 mission projects in this town lasting 2 weeks each.  We performed a variety of open surgical procedures.  Using instruments that I brought along with fabricated instruments, we performed the first transurethral prostatectomy that had been done here.

The "disposable" sheets and towels were washed and sterilized every night for re-use the following day.

The local staff assisted with our surgeries.

We were given an award by the town to thank us at the end of each project.

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